The Baltimore Ravens know what it takes to win the Super Bowl


The Baltimore Ravens know what it takes to go all the way:

The Baltimore Ravens have won two Super Bowls. Winning the Super Bowl is the hardest thing to accomplish in sports. Just think about all the teams that were close to winning it all. The Buffalo Bills went to the big game four times in a row, and walked away empty.

The 2007 New England Patriots went undefeated until the Super Bowl. Being good enough isn’t enough. One slip and you’re out of the playoffs. Winning a Super Bowl requires that magic run. The team has to get hot at the right time.

Joe Flacco and the 2012 Ravens didn’t look like a Super Bowl team during their late season three game losing streak. They found their groove in week 16 against the New York Giants. Flacco got hot and went on an unbelievable run.

The Super Bowl XXXV team didn’t look like a Super Bowl team during the five games they went touchdown free. Trent Dilfer replaced Tony Banks, a great defense did it’s thing and Brian Billick’s Ravens found the perfect chemistry.

Winning a Super Bowl is a tough task:

The Ravens are a classic example of how hard it is to win a Super Bowl. They have been to the AFC Championship Game four times, and twice they have gone home in bitter defeat. John Harbaugh had the purple and black go to the playoffs five straight times. In that stretch the Ravens never lost their first playoff game, but they only won it all once.

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Ed Reed was the most incredible defensive back I have ever seen play, he was a game changer. He only has one ring. Jonathan Ogden was the best offensive tackle of all-time, he has one ring. The Ravens have many historically significant players but Ray Lewis is the only Ravens player who has won the Super Bowl twice.

Winning the Super Bowl is almost an impossible task. The Ravens have done it twice. Baltimore saw two different head coaches prevail to a championship. They’ve seen two completely different teams make two very distinctive paths to glory. As an organization though, the Ravens know how to win it all.

Experience is half the battle:

Both times the Ravens won the Super Bowl, you felt that magic before Super Bowl Sunday. When the 2000 Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV, it was their eleventh straight win. It was similar in 2012. When Jacoby Jones caught the Hail Mary of all Hail Mary passes, and the Ravens took the Broncos to overtime, you knew the Ravens would win it all. You just knew it.

In the NFL, having that experience is huge. The Ravens still have some veteran leadership that was their for Super Bowl XLVII. The organization has seen championship football. The Ravens know how hard it is to go all the way. They know that it’s about playing great football, getting a special chemistry brewing and most of all, that magic feeling has to be there.

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Baltimore has a lot of young talent that hasn’t been a part of a Super Bowl run. If and when the 2017 Ravens get that special something going, the veterans on the team will feel it. Terrell Suggs, Joe Flacco, and Marshall Yanda will sense it. If the Ravens get hot at the right time, the experience of going all the way, will help John Harbaugh and company keep it burning through Super Bowl Sunday.