Ebony Bird Podcast: Is the sky falling on the Baltimore Ravens


Ebony Bird Podcast: is the sky falling on the Baltimore Ravens?

Welcome to the tenth episode of Ebony Bird, a Baltimore Ravens podcast brought to you by Ebony Bird and FanSided. This week, site experts Chris Schisler and Joe Schiller join contributor Jake McDonnell for another week of football talk. The Baltimore Ravens talk in this podcast is short and to the point. In about 28 minutes, the guys get you in the know. Ebony Bird always has you covered when it comes to the purple and black.

Topics discussed:

The guys break down what they saw on Sunday and try to make sense of it all. If Williams return didn’t fix the defense, what will? This is the first big topic of conversation for the guys. Then the Ravens discuss even more injuries than they had before the awful showing against the Vikings.

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Hope is surely hard to come by. The Ebony Bird trio discuss the fate of the Ravens. There was one big question the guys tried to tackle: Is it time to blow everything up and start over for the Ravens?

  • With the Ravens having a quick turnaround this week, Monday’s injury report and press conferences are discussed

The guys are getting tired of hearing the same old thing. However is it fair to expect anything else? This topic is tossed around a bit.

  • Taking a look at Thursday’s match up with the Miami Dolphins: two worst offenses in the NFL, no Jay Cutler, Jay Ajayi primed for a big game? And game picks.

The guys talk about the Thursday game. Without giving it entirely away, the three sportswriters al were on the same page for the battle against Miami.

Next: Do the Ravens still have any playoff hope?

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