Joe Flacco: 5 biggest accomplishments with the Baltimore Ravens

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Following the Joe Flacco trade to the Denver Broncos, we should take some time to thank Flacco for his many accomplishments during his time in Baltimore.

Before we even get started here, we need to give a huge thank you to Joe Flacco for everything he’s done for the city of Baltimore. It goes even beyond the football field, as Flacco has always been a classy individual who gave the city so much more than he had to. Flacco is a family man, he’s an inspiration to us, and he’s the role model that many people should strive to be.

However, the on-field play of Joe Flacco has been erratic at best the past few years. After drafting Lamar Jackson in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the writing was clearly on the wall that he was no longer in the team’s plans for the future. Rumors were spread around that Flacco was going to be a trade target for many teams, and on Wednesday February 13, 2019, the Denver Broncos opted to pull the trigger on the 12-year veteran.

While the deal cannot be officially made until the league new year (March 13th), it still came as a wave of big news across the league. Tons of things in the NFL were rattled. The Baltimore Ravens officially declared the Lamar Jackson era to begin in Charm City, while Joe Flacco moved to the Mile High City to be a conductor for another Super Bowl title behind its great defense.

Love it or hate it, the Joe Flacco era has ended in Baltimore. We new it would happen one day, as all things are finite, and nothing lasts forever. But even so, this news was certainly shocking and took many in Ravens Flock, myself included, by surprise. We had been clamoring about it for months, but suddenly it became a reality and we had to take a step back and truly take-in what had just happened.

This NFL off-season is certainly off to a strong start! However, with all the speculation and opinions that have been swirling around, we need to sit down and appreciate Joe Flacco, the Baltimore Raven. Flacco did so much good for this organization, and right now we should overlook the bad. Today, we take a look at our five favorite accomplishments that Joe Flacco made with the Baltimore Ravens, as we begin the process of moving on from the team’s greatest quarterback.

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