2019 NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens select Trace McSorley

The 2019 NFL Draft has come to an end with the Baltimore Ravens, as the team caps off its class with quarterback Trace McSorley in the sixth round.

Some may be surprised by the Baltimore Ravens selection of Trace McSorley, but it was actually a solid pick towards the end of the draft. And before we even get started… No. Lamar Jackson’s job as the team’s starting quarterback is not in question because of Trace McSorley.

Rather, the Ravens made a smart move to add another body to their quarterback room. However, Trace McSorley is much more than just a football player. McSorley brings a lot to the table in terms of leadership, grit, and personality. McSorley, a team captain for the Nittany Lions in both 2017 and 2018, was one of the best quarterbacks to ever play for Penn State University.

In a four-year stint in Happy Valley, McSorley claimed rights to multiple Penn State team records, including career passing yards, touchdowns, and rushing yards for a quarterback. McSorley seemingly got better each year after starting as a sophomore in 2016, but his play took a significant drop in 2018 following the loss of teammate Saquon Barkley to the NFL.

Still, McSorley remained a productive and exciting college football player known throughout the country. McSorley possesses above average athleticism and has shown prowess as a runner. At the NFL level, he will be a play-maker when given the opportunity, and could thrive as a career back-up.

The best attribute about Trace McSorley isn’t what you see on the football field, however. What makes McSorley such an attractive prospect is his character. You’ll rarely find anything negative to say about the young man, and he is nothing but professionally and friendly when being interacted with.

During the Senior Bowl, Trace McSorley hunted down some big-time Penn State football fans along the sideline and met with them:

A completely overlooked aspect in athletes these days is how they carry themselves as men. Too often is this overlooked in favor of talent, and instead we find players with questionable (at best) off-field concerns being paraded more than the guy you’d want your daughter to date. Well, Trace McSorley is the latter of the two. So, while McSorley may never start a game for the Baltimore Ravens, they certainly found themselves someone who will place others before himself and take care of his community.

Trace McSorley is not likely seen as the quarterback of the future. Instead, he is seen as a locker room leader and a wonderful person in the community. The Baltimore Ravens found themselves a truly good individual to add to their franchise and they should be praised for making such a smart move on a truly one-of-a-kind young man.