Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Football Profiles: Justin Tucker

Kickers are people too and when you win a fantasy football game by one or two points having a kicker like Justin Tucker can make all the difference:

Fantasy Football is just like real football in the sense that the kicker is not the first thing that comes to mind when building a team. It’s one of the last picks you make in your fantasy football draft. Drafting the right kicker doesn’t make or break your roster, but drafting the right one helps a lot.

According to the rankings of  just over half the kickers in the NFL scored less than eight fantasy points per game. Only three players listed scored 10 or more points in an average game. The way you approach the kicker position can make a big difference. It’s not about drafting a kicker before you should, it’s about starting the run on kickers at the appropriate time.

Justin Tucker averaged 10 points per game and finished as the second highest scoring kicker in the Fantasy Football. Tucker should be considered the top kicker to get for Fantasy. Think about it. Tucker is one of the best kickers every single season. He’s the most sure thing at his position.

What may blow your mind is that Tucker didn’t even have his best season in 2018. Tucker went 35-39 on field goals and had the missed extra point of his career. It’s a good season, yet it’s below his standard. In 2016 he made 38 out of 39 field goals and hit on all 10 attempts from beyond 50 yards. The one miss in 2016 wasn’t even Tucker’s fault; the New England Patriots managed to end his streak by blocking his kick.

Tucker, who is the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history, has had four seasons in which he missed three or less field goals. He’s 38 for 54 from plus 50 yards. To put that number in perspective, Matt Stover was 13-34 on field goals 50 yards and up. Tucker is so good it’s almost unreal. The only reason he has most of his misses beyond 50 yards is that the Ravens have him attempt kicks that most kickers wouldn’t even try to make.

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You can do whatever you want in Fantasy Football. You can be one of those Fantasy Football players that doesn’t prioritize kickers. You can shuffle through kickers throughout the season if you wish. The choice is yours. The one thing I would tell you, is that Tucker is the field goal kicker you want.

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