Baltimore Ravens: Ronnie Stanley vs. Nick Bosa an elite match-up

Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Ronnie Stanley (Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images)
Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Ronnie Stanley (Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images) /

Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley is as good as they come and he’ll have a chance to prove that vs. Nick Bosa and the San Francisco 49ers.

Everyone loves a good fight. Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield, Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier, and plenty of others. Even outside the ring/octagon, we’ve had some memorable football fights like Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan or Michael Crabtree vs. Aqib Talib. While this (hopefully) won’t be a dirty type of fight, we can’t wait to see Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley get locked up with San Francisco 49ers blooming star Nick Bosa off the edge.

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Stanley has long been one of the NFL’s best tackles and is only recently getting true recognition for his play. It’s hard not to credit Stanley for paving the way for Baltimore’s number one ranked offense and rushing attack in 2019. Game recognizes game, and fans are taking notice of Stanley’s finesse at the left tackle spot for the Ravens.

Meanwhile, Nick Bosa has become a league sensation. Bosa is credited with 8.0 sacks on the season and is the front runner for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. Hell, he’s getting some thoughts for being the overall Defensive Player of the Year for his 2019 efforts… that’s how good this rookie has played.

Naturally, lining these two up against one-another is must-watch football. This is the Batman vs. Superman fight of the NFL. It’s Godzilla vs. King Kong. It’s man vs. Skynet (or Cyberdine or Legion or whatever it is these days) and the Terminators. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a paper view kind of battle we’re about to watch.

Ronnie Stanley, the meanest offensive tackle in the game right now, takes on Nick Bosa, the man who plays like an uncaged bear at a circus. Who comes out on top?

I’ll tell you this now, there is no more important match-up in the whole game than this right here. Hell, even if Bosa lines up on the left side of the defense to take on Orlando Brown “Zeus” Jr. it’ll be a headliner somewhere.

This fight will determine the outcome of the game. If Bosa wins, Lamar Jackson will get uncomfortable and make bad decisions that’ll cost the Ravens dearly. If Stanley wins, then Baltimore’s offense doesn’t miss a beat and it’s a blowout. Guys, there’s no in-between.

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The moment the San Francisco 49ers step onto the field at M&T Bank Stadium we’ll be in for a 60-minute war between two of the best teams in the league. The Baltimore Ravens and SanFrancisco 49ers have quite a slew of potential match-ups to watch, but all eyes will be on the UFC Heavy Weight World Championship fight between Ronnie Stanley and Nick Bosa.