Baltimore Ravens: Robert Griffin III will show off value vs. Steelers

Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens will bench a majority of the starters for week 17 including Lamar Jackson, making Robert Griffin III the starter with a chance to prove his value to the team.

Lamar Jackson was spectacular in 2019. The second-year starter finished the year with a franchise-best 36 touchdown passes and a front-runner for the league MVP. The Baltimore Ravens also have the luxury of having a high-quality backup in Robert Griffin III, who’s likely been a mentor to Jackson.

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RGIII was once the same NFL sensation that Jackson has been in his season-and-a-half as the Ravens starting quarterbacks. Unfortunately, the former’s career was stunted due to injuries and a lack of proper development from year-one to year-two.

The same Robert Griffin III who was once thought of as a supremely talented athlete is now universally viewed as a washed up has-been to everyone outside of the state of Maryland. Well, now is his chance to prove that he’’s more than that.

The reality is that Robert Griffin III is a quality backup to a team and even a low-end starter for some teams. You can’t convince me that RGIII is that much worse than guys like Jacoby Brissett and whoever the Jacksonville Jaguars roll out at quarterback.

There is so much bias towards Robert Griffin III because of his drop off in play early in his career. It’s a sad fact, because he’s a high-end backup option for any and every NFL team.

When the Pittsburgh Steelers roll into Baltimore, Maryland this Sunday for the 2019 NFL regular season finale, Robert Griffin III will have a chance to prove the doubters wrong. He’ll have a chance to show off just how valuable he is to the Ravens and that he can still play well when called upon.

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Not many teams can claim that they have a good backup quarterback plan in a worst-case scenario, but the Baltimore Ravens can. In Robert Griffin III, the Ravens have a guy they can entrust their team with. There’s no better opportunity for him to validate this claim to everyone than this Sunday, where RGIII can beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.