Should the Baltimore Ravens pursue Stefon Diggs?

The Baltimore Ravens could use another talented wide receiver to add to their explosive offense. Is Stefon Diggs someone the team should target?

What do you give an offense that became the most prolific rushing unit in NFL history? More targets to throw to in the passing game. It’s hard to believe that the Baltimore Ravens need any more help offensively, but getting another wide receiver is definitely a need for the team. If there’s one guy who would fit the bill perfectly, it’s Minnesota Vikings star, Stefon Diggs.

Diggs, who grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has been a stud receiver for the Vikings since being drafted in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft. In five seasons, Diggs has yet to have a season with less than 700 receiving yards and has scored 30 touchdowns.

Where Stefon Diggs was viewed as a slot receiver prior to 2019, he showed this year that he can dominate out-wide and step up in teammate Adam Thielen‘s absence. Diggs had a career-high 17.9 YPR and 1,130-yards receiving in 2019. The best part is Diggs is only scratching the surface of his full potential and at 26-years old he could continue to blossom into a star.

There have been rumblings for quite some time, however, that Diggs is unhappy with the Minnesota Vikings and could be traded this offseason. Should this be true, the Baltimore Ravens should absolutely inquire about potentially adding his services to their team.

Stefon Diggs fit in the Baltimore Ravens offense would be perfect. Diggs would be the team’s top guy out the gate and would rarely see double-teams or even have trouble getting open. With Lamar Jackson‘s arm and legs, Diggs could see a season unlike any other.

The Ravens became the first team in NFL history to average 200-yards passing and rushing per game despite having a true number one receiver. Marquise Brown is amazing, but he needs a partner in crime. Stefon Diggs and “Hollywood” Brown would give Baltimore the fireworks show it needs out wide.

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The Baltimore Ravens need to make a move this offseason whether it’s through Free Agency, a trade, or the 2020 NFL Draft. If they want the best available option both in terms of value, talent, and upside then Stefon Diggs needs to be their man.

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