Patrick Queen will outshine C.J. Mosley’s rookie season

The Baltimore Ravens spent the 28th overall pick on Patrick Queen. Here is why he can outshine C.J. Mosley‘s rookie numbers:

The Baltimore Ravens drafted Queen to be an instant starter at a position of need. Queen’s goals should be shaped by the fact that the team needs him to look like a great first round pick right away. Queen is the first linebacker the Ravens have drafted in the first round since C.J. Mosley so that’s a good place to start when thinking about where to set the bar.

Queen needs to go into the 2020 season with the intention of beating Mosley’s numbers. Considering Mosley earned a Pro Bowl nod in his first season, that’s a very ambitious goal.

In 2014, Mosley had 88 solo tackles and 45 assisted tackles. Mosley also had three sacks and two interceptions. From a tackling standpoint, that’s almost the exact production Queen had in his last year at LSU. Queen also had three sacks and a pick. That was a 15 game season counting the College Football playoffs.

While the NFL is a much different level, Queen is battle tested coming out of the SEC. Queen played at College Football’s highest level and for the team that won it all. While Joe Burrow was the first overall pick, you could argue that Queen was the most talented draft prospect from LSU.  If he is as good as he is supposed to be, Queen has a chance to be better than Mosley was as a rookie.

The 2014 Ravens were a good team. That being said, even with the stellar pass rush from Elvis Dumervil and Terrell Suggs, the 2019 defense is more complete. The 2014 team suffered in the secondary. Queen’s defense will have a few things that Mosley’s defense didn’t have.

Queen will be playing in front of a secondary that has three 2019 Pro Bowl participants. Queen will be playing behind a defensive line that could be the best in the NFL. While Mosley was a plug and play rookie in 2014, Queen is more than that. Queen completes the defense and the talent around him will only elevate his game.

Queen comes into the the NFL more versatile than Mosley did. Mosley always was a good run stopping linebacker but struggled in pass coverage. Queen is even more athletic. Queen is also much more comfortable dropping into coverage than a rookie Mosley was.

Queen should be able to hog up time on the field at inside linebacker. It’s hard to think of a sub package that he has to leave the field for and that is going to factor into the amount of production he has. Remember the Ravens were able to get 45 tackles out of Josh Bynes last season. Just imagine what they can get out of Queen.

There’s no reason to think that Queen can’t make the Pro Bowl in 2020. Darius Leonard made the Pro Bowl in his second season and probably should have made it in his rookie campaign. Devin Bush didn’t make the Pro Bowl last year but he recorded over 100 tackles and had an incredible year for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Linebackers have been coming into the NFL and making an instant impact.

So put Queen down for at least matching Mosley’s rookie numbers. Queen has the potential to be even more productive and a Pro Bowl trip could realistically be in the cards. Mosley has been a very good linebacker since he came into the NFL in 2014. Queen has the potential to be better than that and that could start in year one.