Ravens: 4 potential trade packages for WR Julio Jones

Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: John Bazemore/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports
Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: John Bazemore/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports /
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Ravens, Julio Jones
Ravens, Julio Jones Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports /

Ravens trade proposal for Julio Jones No. 4

Back to a deal solely involving picks — only this time the premise of the trade revolves around future selections.

In this scenario, the Falcons receive 2022 third and fifth-round picks, but also receive a future second as well. The Ravens receive Julio Jones as well as a future fifth-rounder.

The general basis is that future picks are valued at one round later than their projection. Thus, a future fifth-round pick is valued relatively the same as a current sixth-round pick.

As such, converting everything to “current” pick values, this would be roughly the equivalent of Baltimore sending two thirds and a fifth for Jones and a sixth.

A little complex? Sure. But the value is fair.

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This would be more advantageous to a Falcons team that’s very much in the midst of a rebuild. Not only are they looking for picks in 2022, but that future second-round pick should prove useful as well.

Meanwhile, the Ravens manage to land Julio Jones without giving up a first or second-round pick in 2022. Even with the obstacles that could get in the way of this trade, Eric DeCosta would have a hard time turning down this proposal.

Is this something Atlanta would consider? That remains unclear. A lot of it depends on how Jones’ market develops.

If more teams get involved and a bidding war ensues, this could be seen as more of a low-ball offer. But if his market cools, the Ravens could manage to land Jones with a proposal similar to this one.

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The Ravens will have to get creative if they are to make a trade for Julio Jones. And this is an example of a creative trade package that just might work for both sides.