Ravens: Top 3 takeaways from Week 11 loss to the Miami Dolphins

Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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Ravens, Lamar Jackson
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1. The Ravens’ blitz issues

The biggest takeaway from this game was the Ravens’ offense’s inability to handle the blitz. The Dolphins played a lot of Cover 0 and Cover 1 concepts to disrupt the timing between Jackson and his receivers.

According to Next Gen Stats, the Dolphins defense sent at least one defensive back after Jackson on more than 20 pass plays. That is the most of any game this season from any team.

The outcome was very surprising because the Ravens play a similar style defensively. Surely the one team that would be comfortable against those kinds of looks would be the Ravens.

However, outside the first drive of the game, the Ravens’ offense was completely shut down. They continuously found themselves in long-distance situations which made things easier for the Dolphins.

This will be something to look for because this is a similar game plan that the Bengals ran against the Ravens a few ago.

The Bengals crowded the line of scrimmage with eight guys and disguised who was rushing versus who was dropping in coverage.

The Dolphins deployed a similar game plan except they weren’t as aggressive in their coverage drops. They played off coverage and it was shocking that the Ravens didn’t take advantage.

Jackson was very indecisive in the pocket and that can’t happen when defenses consistently send more rushers than you can block.

After Thursday night’s performance, the Ravens better prepare themselves for a heavy dose of their own medicine.

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Until they show that they can counteract Cover 0 blitzes, upcoming teams will try to copy the tape from the Dolphins and Bengals games.