Dan Patrick wants his money back after watching Ravens/Browns game

Ravens, Lamar Jackson Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
Ravens, Lamar Jackson Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Ravens are getting doubted again. This time, sportscaster Dan Patrick is trying to figure out whether the Ravens are legitimate Super Bowl contenders.

On his self-named Dan Patrick Show, Patrick revealed his strong opinions about the Ravens’ Week 12 performance against the Cleveland Browns.

Patrick shamelessly said:

"“If I was at that Ravens/ Browns game, I would ask for my money back. That’s one of the worst primetime games I’ve ever seen…I don’t know what to make of the Ravens. I don’t know if they’re closer to being a Super Bowl contender than they were last year.”"

Many may agree with him. The game was most exciting at its worst, when Jackson got picked off or whenever Mayfield tried to throw the ball.

Jackson had three interceptions alone in the second quarter and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the game.

Baltimore came away with a 16-10 victory to keep their top spot in the AFC North, but Patrick remains nonplussed by the purple and gold side this season.

Sportscaster Dan Patrick and reporter Albert Breer questioned the Ravens’ resilience moving forward

Patrick did say he was “fascinated” by Lamar Jackson and the things the star quarterback can achieve, but he injects the conversation with skepticism at every turn.

His guest on the show, Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer, pointed out that injuries may be the reason the Ravens don’t feel formidable this year.

"“This is about injuries. I give John Harbaugh all the credit in the world. If they wind up with the No. 1 or No. 2 seed, I think he deserves Coach of the Year consideration.”"

Breer is one hundred percent right. Baltimore’s starting running backs, Ronnie Stanley, Marcus Peters, every wide receiver at some point, the offensive line, the defensive line, and Jackson have all been casualties of this plagued 2021 season.

"“You want to believe they’re going to be able to keep this going, but so much of it feels like smoke and mirrors. Can we continue to scotch-tape the thing together on a week-to-week basis because we’re really, really limping here?”"

Breer’s prognosis seems right on the nose given what the Ravens still have to accomplish this season. Baltimore has four more AFC North battles to play, and that’s just the regular season. If the Ravens limp their way to the postseason, it will come at a heavy cost.

Neither host nor guest directly answered the question of “Are the Ravens a Super Bowl contender?” but their overwhelming doubts about the situation don’t sound optimistic.

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The Ravens can only look ahead to Week 13’s matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers and, as always, put the cynicism behind them.