Ravens playoff odds increase slightly after Monday Night Football

The Baltimore Ravens have a marginally better shot at making the playoffs after the Cleveland Browns lost on Monday night.

A Browns loss was one of four scenarios the Ravens needed to have happen to give themselves any chance of reaching the postseason.

Baltimore also must win their Week 18 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After Monday night, the Ravens’ playoff chances increased by one and a half percent, but the odds still aren’t great.

While fans are clamoring for Lamar Jackson’s return, Jackson alone can’t save the Ravens’ 2021 postseason.

The Ravens have a 3.5 percent chance of making the playoffs

As listed above, the Ravens would still need the Los Angeles Chargers to lose to the Las Vegas Raiders, the Miami Dolphins to lose to the New England Patriots, and the most unlikely, the Indianapolis Colts to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

All aboard the Trevor Lawrence hype train — the rookie quarterback will need to play the game of a lifetime to beat Jonathan Taylor and the Colts.

Despite the measly odds, the Ravens have persevered this far, overcoming obstacles almost every week to get to where they are today.

Had Baltimore entered 2021 with a fully healthy roster, there’s no question that the AFC playoff situation would be different.

As it stands, though, the Ravens won’t be in control of its destiny. The team’s luck has finally started to run out, and all players can do is hope things go their way in Week 18.

Here’s hoping.