Lamar Jackson absent from Ravens OTAs amid uncertain contract status

Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Ravens, Lamar Jackson /

The Baltimore Ravens officially kicked off their spring OTAs on Tuesday, but one notable name not in attendance for the voluntary team activities was quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Jackson was one of a number of Ravens players not spotted with the team at OTAs this week. Of course, attendance isn’t mandatory and there are others who didn’t show for a variety of reasons related to injuries, personal issues, etc.

However, Jackson’s absence is certainly the most noteworthy given his current contract status and the position he plays.

This marks the first year that Jackson has opted to skip out on Ravens OTAs, and it’s likely not a coincidence that it comes during a time in which his relationship with the organization is, let’s call it awkward.

Should the Ravens be concerned with Lamar Jackson missing OTAs?

Lamar Jackson has been putting in work this offseason with renowned quarterback mechanics expert Adam Dedeaux, something the Ravens have expressed their support with.

Dedeaux has worked with other notable NFL quarterbacks such as Andrew Luck, Carson Wentz, and even Tom Brady. He’s one of the most respected names in the business.

However, there is something to be said about a quarterback, the starting quarterback, opting not to attend OTAs. Most quarterbacks around the NFL view OTAs as a time to get in valuable reps with their teammates ahead of a more intensive summer training schedule.

While the Ravens might not publicly admit it, they would much rather have Jackson in Owings Mills than at home.

Jackson isn’t the only quarterback around the league to pass on attending OTAs. A similar situation is developing in Arizona with Kyler Murray, another young quarterback eyeing a new contract.

Of course, Jackson and Murray’s situations are vastly different, but the result is the same here. Due in part to an awkward contract situation, neither is attending OTAs.

Ultimately, this likely won’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. But it is yet another indication that there’s some minor tension between the two sides right now.

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At the moment, it’s just bubbling under the surface. Both parties continue to insist that everything is business as usual. Their actions, however, suggest otherwise.