Ed Reed issues an ominous warning to Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Ravens, Lamar Jackson (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Ravens, Lamar Jackson (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson remains one of the most controversial players in the league for both his unique talent and his contract situation.

Earlier this summer, Jackson was snubbed from ESPN’s list of the top-10 quarterbacks in the league, with other quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, and Dak Prescott making the cut instead.

Three weeks into the season, Jackson leads the NFL’s top-scoring offense with 10 touchdown passes and 9.35 average rushing yards, not to mention he has 12 total touchdowns which amount to more than 30 of the other 31 teams. He’s outscoring teams at this point.

As Jackson puts his top-10 ranking debate to bed, one thing that remains unresolved is his ongoing contract negotiations. Jackson told reporters he would stop all contract talk once the season got underway and has since served as a magnet for rumors surrounding his future in Baltimore.

Some think the Ravens will trade Jackson; others similarly speculate that he wants to join another team.

Former Ravens safety Ed Reed recently gave his two cents on the topic and seems mostly concerned about Jackson’s willingness to take a huge risk.

Ravens legend Ed Reed wants to see Lamar Jackson paid sooner than later

Reed told The Ringer’s Kevin Clark:

"“He’s just got to be smart. I’m not telling him to play scared or anything because I don’t think he’s gonna do that, he hasn’t displayed that, but he has to be smart because it is a business and they will use that shit against you whether you like it or not. You can think these people love you. They’re showing their true colors right now.”"

Reed clarified that he wasn’t taking a “shot at the Ravens,” he was merely pointing out that the franchise is “a business first.”

Every time Jackson steps onto the field, he is putting his career on the line, especially so because he spearheads a dynamic, run-heavy offensive game.

Should the 2019 MVP get even slightly injured as he did last year, his contract offer will naturally go down. Jackson doesn’t have an agent like most NFL players do, yet he no doubt knows how high the stakes are and still seems willing to put all his chips on the table.

We previously wrote that Jackson is wisely betting on himself and the quarterback market, and so far, the gamble has paid off.

Reed nonetheless gives Jackson a word of caution purely out of good intentions as he — along with almost everyone else — wants to see the star quarterback get his due.

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