How Chuck Clark trade impacts Baltimore Ravens

Ravens, Chuck Clark (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Ravens, Chuck Clark (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens traded Chuck Clark for a seventh-round pick. The move was done mainly to save $4M in cap space, and that hurts because Clark had been a solid starter for the team. Still, the writing was on the wall when they drafted Kyle Hamilton and signed Marcus Williams.

Baltimore Ravens will be moving Kyle Hamilton to replace Chuck Clark

It is surprising that they kept Clark through this season, but because of an injury to Williams and Hamilton being a rookie, they needed him. Beyond that, Clark had been the play caller and leader in the middle of the defense. It is going to take something to replace him.

The obvious thought is Kyle Hamilton. They did draft him in the first round and that should come with the responsibility of calling plays. Beyond that, he can play in the box as Clark did. In fact, because Clark was the box safety, and Williams was the deep man, the team actually moved Hamilton into the slot for the majority of the season.

Hamilton spent 354 of his 600 snaps in the slot last season. So, the question is less about who will replace Chuck Clark and more about who will replace Kyle Hamilton in the slot.

Considering Hamilton was a safety in the slot, Geno Stone is a thought, although he is a free agent. Stone is restricted though, so it is hard to see him getting away.

Ardarius Washington is another option but is almost a different style of slot cornerback compared to Kyle Hamilton. There are about 30 pounds, and over half of a foot difference between these two athletes, despite them both manning the slot. The team can use Washington at times, but he will not fill the slot role that Hamilton played.

Daryl Worley is another to keep an eye on, but you would like to have a little bit better, and then fallback to an option like Worley. Considering the Ravens are going to be looking to fill Marcus Peters as well, they also may be reshuffling the cornerback room altogether. That may include bringing in someone who can man the slot when needed.

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Still, with Chuck Clark, the question is about the slot and less about who replaces him. Hamilton will slide into his role, but someone will need to man the slot because he did a fine job there last season.