10 facts everybody must know about the Ravens vs. Colts game in Week 3

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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10. The Colts and Ravens are tied at 26 points per game through Week 2

Unless there is a tie (spoiler: not happening) this will read differently by the end of the day as one team will inevitably score more points than the other on Sunday and come out as the winner of the Week 3 matchup.

The Ravens have played two very balanced games scoring 25 points in Week 1 and then 27 against the Bengals last Sunday. The Colts, on the other hand, scored 21 in Week 1 and then reached 31 last weekend.

At the end of the day, though, both offenses have been able to score 21+ points in each of their four games played to date.

It's important to note how the Raven didn't allow Houston to score double-digit points on them, though, limiting the Texans to only nine points in Week 1 before they scored 20 against the Colts on Sunday.

That might be the key stat that defines what is about to happen inside the M&T Bank Stadium. It's not about the offense, but the defensive side of the ball, and Baltimore has looked strong on that front even though missing tons of bodies in the past half a month.

2 solutions for the Ravens defense after CB season-ending injury. dark. Next. 2 solutions for the Ravens defense after CB season-ending injury

That, along with the fact that Indy won't have their QB1 available on Sunday after ruling Anthony Richarson out on Friday could be crucial and a deciding factor in this matchup.

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