2024 NFL Mock Draft: QBs, WRs dominate early in loaded class

Who will go early on NFL Draft day?
USC v Oregon
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136. 45. Vaki 136. Sione Vaki. Utah. player. . Sione Vaki. . SAF

Vaki won headlines by moving from safety to two-way running back. Denver will look at him as a defensive back, and a damn fine one with some solid athletic ability.

. Elijah Jones. player. Jones 137. . CB. 137. 47. Elijah Jones. Boston College

Jones is a local product New England could use to add to Jerod Mayo's secondary. Most Day 3 cornerbacks lack Jones' skill at the catch point, which is ideal for a team who runs a ton of man.

138. player. 32. . Cowing 138. . Jacob Cowing. WR. Arizona. Jacob Cowing

The Cardinals will keep Cowing local after trading Rondale Moore. While he's on the small side, Cowing's UTEP tenure showed he can be a vertical threat, while his Arizona film made him look like an explosive underneath playmaker.

OG. . Brandon Coleman. Brandon Coleman. 58. 139. Coleman 139. . TCU. player

Washington's rebuilt offensive line could benefit from a road-grading guard who is at his best in a phone booth, and Coleman's strong upper body will be a very attractive feather in his cap.

Smith 140. 13. Texas A&M. 140. . player. . WR. Ainias Smith. Ainias Smith

Smith could be a solid offensive weapon who carries the ball on jet sweeps and makes plays on shorter routes. While he will be limited in the pros, the Chargers shouldn't think to hard about how to get him the ball.

. . Missouri. Javon Foster. Foster 141. Javon Foster. player. OT. 141. 87

A three-year starter who allowed just one sack last year in a pass-happy Mizzou offense, Foster and his rock-solid physical tools would be a welcome sight on a Carolina team that looked like five light blue turnstiles last year.

142. 87. . Isaac Guerendo. Guerendo 142. . RB. Louisville. player. Isaac Guerendo

Despite splitting carries in college, Guerendo managed to set himself apart from teammate Jawhar Jordan with proven 4.3 speed in a stocky frame. The Panthers are in talent acquisition mode, and Guerendo should be able to have a small role in Dave Canales' offense.

. Miami. player. Williams 143. 143. 44. . SAF. James Williams. James Williams

Williams is listed at 6-4 and 230 pounds, but he played safety in his college career. While some think he is half a safety and half a linebacker, the Falcons might be willing to bet on his talent and hope he eventually takes to a role.

Miami. 144. player. . 16. Cohen 144. Javion Cohen. . OG. Javion Cohen

He may not be the most fleet-of-foot prospect, but one of the main reasons Miami's offense didn't quarter last year was Cohen and the rest of the line's solid blocking. Buffalo needs more depth up front, and Cohen has the tools they want.

Glaze 145. player. 45. . . Delmar Glaze. 145. Delmar Glaze. OG. Maryland

Glaze has tackle-guard versatility, some worthwhile tape against elite programs like Michigan and Ohio State, and one of the best pass protection anchors in the Big Ten. Denver's line needs one toolsy swing tackle to mold into the miasma up front.

. 146. Jacobs 146. 35. . LB. Penn State. Curtis Jacobs. Curtis Jacobs. player

Jacobs is a throwback linebacker who wants to hit the running back as hard as he can while also punishing tight ends in coverage. The Titans have solid starting linebackers, but a backup could be worth adding.

Florida State. Jaheim Bell. . TE. Jaheim Bell. 147. player. 45. Bell 147.

Quite frankly, Bell is a terrible blocker. Denver should be undaunted by those concerns, as the Broncos could use a tight end with great downfield speed and playmaking when he gets the ball.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Mekhi Wingo could be a promising interior rusher

Wingo 148. . 28. DT. player. . LSU. Mekhi Wingo. Mekhi Wingo. 148

Wingo is one of the smallest linemen in this class, but anyone who manages to get to the quarterback on the back technique and some solid burst off the line will be of appeal to a deep Raiders defensive line.

Robinson 149. . Texas A&M. 149. 56. . OG. Layden Robinson. player. Layden Robinson

While Robinson is leagues better as a run blocker than a pass blocker at this point in time, the Bengals should be willing to look at his weaknesses and trust their offensive staff to gradually work on the super-strong guard's flaws.

Alabama. Justin Eboigbe. 15. Justin Eboigbe. 150. player. Eboigbe 150. . . DT

There have been many great run-defending Alabama linemen who can eat up space as a rotational player under Nick Saban, and Eboigbe is next on the list. Will his pass rush become NFL quality in New Orleans?

Dallin Holker. player. . . Colorado State. 46. Holker 151. Dallin Holker. 151. TE

Holker is another tight end who is a pure receiver, as he pairs great spatial awareness when attacking zone with super strong hands and solid playmaking as a runner. Anthony Richardson's stable of physical targets will continue to grow.

152. . Javon Solomon. Javon Solomon. . EDGE. player. 58. Solomon 152. Troy

Solomon (6-1, 246 pounds) struggled to handle bigger tackles, but there's something Washington might be interested in when looking at a player who piled up 16 sacks despite teams planning to stop him.

Mustapha 153. 153. 52. . . SAF. Wake Forest. Malik Mustapha. Malik Mustapha. player

TMustapha is a gamble on athletic power over coverage ability, but the Jaguars' penchant for athletes without a true position could lead them to a safety that flies through the air like a missile with 4.33 speed

. player. 154. 51. Williams 154. SAF. Evan Williams. . Oregon. Evan Williams

Williams may not look like a prototypical safety, but few in this class can match him in terms of innate toughness and play recognition. Williams will likely beat out other youngsters to earn time in LA.

51. . Georgia. player. WR. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint. Rosemy-Jacksaint 155. . Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint. 155

Rosemy-Jacksaint has some serious speed concerns that will hurt his stock, but the Rams have shown they can overlook raw speed if the players in question can run routes and make contested catches.

LB. Jaylan Ford. player. . Jaylan Ford. 156. . Texas. 53. Ford 156

Another two-down linebacker who is likely going to be a situational player in the NFL, Ford is such a hard tackler and energetic player that the Browns won't hesitate to add him to the mix.

Jalyx Hunt. Jalyx Hunt. 60. . EDGE. Houston Christian. 157. Hunt 157. . player

Hunt is an unusual hybrid of a linebacker and edge rusher, but he has the athleticism to stick at either spot. Minnesota's defense and special teams would be thrilled to get hunt in the mix.

TE. 158. player. Wiley 158. . Jared Wiley. Jared Wiley. TCU. 59.

While the Dolphins aren't the most productive offense for tight ends, Wiley is such a promising athlete that Miami might need to get the downfield playmaker involved more than others in his spot.

. 159. player. Randolph 159. Keith Randolph Jr.. Keith Randolph Jr.. Illinois. . DT. 124

The Chiefs' defense consists of role players who excel in their given task. Randolph will never be Chris Jones as a pass rusher, but he is a tough tackle who can swallow up run blockers.

Ray Davis. 16. Ray Davis. 160. Davis 160. . RB. Kentucky. player.

While the Bills saw James Cook emerge as a starting running back, Davis' consistency and ability to grind out yards may give him a role as a change-of-pace backup in Joe Brady's offense.

Washington State. Brennan Jackson. Jackson 161. . . EDGE. Brennan Jackson. 161. player. 54

The Eagles have a new starting edge duo of Bryce Huff and Nolan Smith, but they need depth. With motor, solid pass rush moves, and a high motor, Jackson is worth a developmental backup spot.

Florida. Kingsley Eguakun. 162. Eguakun 162. . player. 32. . OG. Kingsley Eguakun

The Cardinals' offensive line isn't atrocious, but they could stand to keep adding some extra depth. Eguakun is a solid athlete who should fit in with a Browns-esque run-heavy offense.

. Texas Tech. EDGE. Myles Cole. . Myles Cole. 16. Cole 163. 163. player

The Bills have been willing to take chances on athletes who haven't reached their ceiling at the college level. Cole has enough tools worth developing for a needy team like Buffalo, and he could eventually become a starter.

. 164. Gabe Hall. . Gabe Hall. player. 50. Hall 164. DT. Baylor

Detroit's defensive line is far from a point of severe pride, as injuries also sapped how effective that unit was last year. Hall should be able to eat up space when called upon, though there's a chance he eventually makes something of himself as a pass rusher.

. 26. . Travis 165. QB. Jordan Travis. player. Florida State. Jordan Travis. 165

The Ravens need a better backup quarterback for Lamar Jackson than the ancient Josh Johnson and possible WR convert Malik Cunningham. Not only can Travis make plays on the run, but his accuracy and arm talent are both excellent for a Day 3 pick.

166. player. . . Auburn. Jaylin Simpson. 31. Simpson 166. CB. Jaylin Simpson

The Giants should keep adding to their secondary after losing Xavier McKinney. Simpson struggled with bigger receivers last year, but his length and quick, choppy feet are both what executives would like to see in late-round DBs.

Clemson. Tyler Davis. . Tyler Davis. 60. Davis 167. . DT. 167. player

Davis' fall will end with the Vikings, who will take a keen interest in a solid athlete with a long history of proven run-stuffing in the ACC that showcases heavy hands and a solid bullrush.

player. . . Missouri. Cody Schrader. 168. RB. Cody Schrader. Schrader 168. 15

Schrader is a smaller running back without great speed, but he has a knack for grinding out tough yards and has superior vision as a ball-carrier. Alvin Kamara could have another backup in the mix.

168. Boyd 169. . Northern Iowa. Khristian Boyd. Khristian Boyd. 49. DT. player.

Boyd is freakishly strong, and he won on pure power when playing against FCS opponents. The Packers could use one more defensive tackle, and Boyd's physical gifts set him apart.

Jones 170. Jarrian Jones. . CB. 170. 15. . Florida State. Jarrian Jones. player

Jones is another cornerback who makes up for wildly varying tape with enough pedigree and physicality on the outside for a team like New Orleans to justify spending a pick on him and developing his talent.

. RB. Kimani Vidal. Kimani Vidal. Vidal 171. . 171. player. 54. Troy

Vidal should be picked much higher than this, as he pairs tree-trunk legs with a hard-charging style and a preposterous broken tackle rate. Saquon Barkley, meet your new backup for years to come.

172. player. SAF. Kitan Oladapo. Kitan Oladapo. 54. . . Oladapo 172. Oregon State

Oladapo is a risky pick who could be out of the league soon or a starter in short order. Oladapo is willing to lay some wood on tacklers and cover ground in zone coverage, which can offset some inconsistency on tape.

. SAF. Tykee Smith. 173. 124. Smith 173. . Georgia. Tykee Smith. player

Smith was a highly productive member of one of the best secondaries in college football history, and a Kansas City secondary in need of more rangy, smart defensive backs shouldn't hesitate to pick him up.

Nugent 174. . 174. . Drake Nugent. player. C. Michigan. Drake Nugent. 123

Nugent was one of many Michigan linemen worthy of a draft pick, as his ability to drive future pros into the dirt as a run blocker will make him a backup in Dallas that could test Tyler Biadasz.

15. Greenfield 175. Garret Greenfield. player. OT. 175. Garret Greenfield. . . South Dakota State

Much like his teammate Mason McCormick, Greenfield tested as a very promising athlete with the pass blocking and mobility needed to be one of the few who can make the jump from FCS to the professional level.

Maryland. . Beau Brade. 176. Brade 176. . 42. SAF. Beau Brade. player

The 49ers have a deep roster, giving them the chance to spend later picks on special teams stars and backup defensive backs. Brade should be solid if pressed into service thanks to his smarts in zone coverage and ball skills.