3 Baltimore Ravens who are balling out in contract years and their chances to re-sign

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The Baltimore Ravens have a roster that is ready to peak and make a playoff run. The team has veteran talent, young talent, and they have hungry talent. They entered the season with a couple of notable names with one year left on their deal. The Ravens had a chance to sign these players but thought that the hunger of a contract year may bring out their best since so much money is on the line. Who are these players, and are they playing their way out of Baltimore?

3. The Baltimore Ravens are seeing Justin Madubuike at his best

This one could have been expected. Justin Madubuike has improved every year he has played in the NFL. He went from one sack as a rookie to two the following year. Then, he had 5.5 sacks in 2021; all the while, his win rate has been increasing as well.

This year, he already has 5.5 sacks, and his win rate has continued to rise to impressive levels. What is more notable from this rise is that Madubuike has always been a stud run-defender. The question was what his pass rush ceiling was. Right now, he is showing that he is a complete player as a top 10 pass rusher, as well as being one of the best run-defenders in the league.

This is going to end up getting Justin Madubuike paid. There is a chance that the team could re-sign him. When you look at the defensive line room, Broderick Washington is signed on a team-friendly deal, Travis Jones is on a rookie salary, and the rest of the names will be gone after this season.

Still, Madubuike has to be looking at his stats and thinking that the highest bidder will end up being high this spring. This may be the last year he is with the Ravens.