3 Baltimore Ravens whose stock soared after 2024 roster revamp

These Ravens are primed for big seasons.
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1. Andrew Vorhees

The Ravens had multiple golden opportunities to improve the offensive line following the departures of John Simpson and Kevin Zeitler, including drafting players with premium picks or signing a veteran like Dalton Risner. They have eschewed those opportunities to place faith in Vorhees.

Looking at Vorhees, Ben Cleveland, and new veteran Josh Jones, it seems as though two of them will be the starting guard duo sandwiching Tyler Linderbaum in at center. Fresh off an injury that delayed his pro debut by a year, Vorhees should be the favorite to start at left guard.

Andrew Vorhees will likely start for the Baltimore Ravens

Vorhees was regarded as a player who could have been picked in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft if he had not torn his ACL at the NFL Combine. The Ravens could view Vorhees as an extra draft pick this year, and they seem very excited to get him on the field.

The Ravens wouldn't roll out an offensive line featuring Vorhees with a win-now veteran like Derrick Henry in the backfield unless they had a solid gold plan to build him a worthwhile offensive line. If this new alignment works, the Ravens could end up with multiple high-end starters on rookie deals for the next few seasons.