Ravens' Dalton Risner dream could be over after rumored demands

The Ravens may need to look elsewhere for a guard.
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
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While the Baltimore Ravens were widely regarded as having one of the best draft classes in the NFL now that the 2024 NFL Draft is concluded after bringing in multiple future starters, but one area the team failed to address with some of their premier capital was offensive guard.

Outside of selecting center Nick Samac in the seventh round, the Ravens decided to eschew interior offensive linemen. Andrew Vorhees and Ben Cleveland will be heading into the 2024 season as the expected left and right guardsm respectively, for Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry.

Should the Ravens want to sign an offensive lineman in the 2024 NFL Draft, the best player on the market would be veteran guard Dalton Risner, who spent last season with the Minnesota Vikings. Unfortunately, Risner might be pricing himself out of a role with a cash-strapped Ravens team.

According to Alec Lewis of The Athletic, the Vikings aren't considering a Risner return due to his very high asking price. If Minnesota (who desperately needs solid interior guard play) won't consider a proven starter with experience in their scheme due to his asking price, the cash-strapped Ravens might find it even more difficult to bring him in.

Baltimore Ravens could miss out on Dalton Risner in free agency

Risner is clearly the best pass-blocking guard still available on the market, as he was tagged for just three penalties last season and didn't allow a single sack. Risner might be frustrated that he isn't earning a top guard contract after his play last season.

Risner, who waited quite a long time to sign with the Vikings last offseason, has said in the past that he is very frustrated with his inability to land a long-term contract as a starting guard. Risner could take his time if no one ends up meeting his asking price before the season starts.

The Ravens seem to believe (correctly) that Vorhees is a Top-100-level player who could become a long-term starter after his injury. Cleveland has spent years in the system as a backup, and this season could be his time to shine if everything goes according to plan.

Risner would be an ideal addition for the Ravens, as the dearth of quality interior offensive line play on the free agent market outside of him makes him a desired target. However, he will require a major investment, and the Ravens might not be willing to commit to that at this point.