3 moves the Ravens must make to reach next year's Super Bowl

Baltimore knows next season is pivotal for them.
Baltimore Ravens v Washington Commanders
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1. Be more balanced in the playoffs

It could be easily argued that Monken and Harbaugh either lost the championship game before a single play was run due to a poor gameplan or that they simply panicked. When Kansas City got out to an early lead, the Ravens abandoned their identity, stopped running the ball, and put it all on Jackson's plate.

Baltimore's running backs only carried the ball six times in the AFC Championship, while Jackson threw it 37 times and piled up 54 rushing yards on eight carries. With a below-average receiving corps against an elite defense, going one-dimensional so early in the game was not the secret ingredient they needed to get over the hump.

The Baltimore Ravens need to stay committed to their identity in the postseason.

While Jackson is a much better quarterback than Philadelphia Eagles starter Jalen Hurts, both of them showed they are less effective when trailing due to their coordinator's insistence on chucking it around the yard at the slightest sign of trouble. Lamar is incredible, but one player can't win a game like that by himself.

Jackson has proven that he is more than capable of winning big games with his arm alone, but what makes Baltimore so unstoppable at their peak is their ability to flatten teams with a relentless ground game. Lamar would benefit from a more balanced attack instead of going Air Raid at the first sign of trouble.