3 winners and 2 losers for the Baltimore Ravens following the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens will make some major roster changes soon.
Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens
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Winner: Lamar Jackson

The Ravens know that Jackson holds the key to taking them back to the Super Bowl, and Baltimore did a solid job of building him an offense that can the most out of the reigning MVP's talent. The draft helped accentuate the structure in place, which should have been DeCosta's main goal this whole time.

Jackson (and new running back Derrick Henry) have a new wide receiver to throw to in Walker, a right tackle that will help in both pass and run blocking in Rosengarten, and a valuable backup RB with proven big play potential in fifth-rounder Rasheen Ali. The offense is much better than it was just a few weeks ago.

Lamar Jackson benefitted from the Baltimore Ravens' 2024 NFL Draft

Jackson has consistently impressed in Baltimore in some less-than-ideal situations, and DeCosta deserves credit for spending the last few seasons doing everything in his power to build a team that can get the most out of Jackson's prime.

The bread and butter of the Ravens' offense is still going to be a strong ground game with Henry's power and Jackson's speed setting them up, but every offensive move the Ravens made in the draft helps Baltimore become a more effective vertical passing team. This will be necessary to unseat the Chiefs atop the AFC.