4 Baltimore Ravens players facing a crucial 2023 season

Baltimore Ravens, J.K. Dobbins
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Baltimore Ravens, Patrick Queen
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Baltimore Ravens players facing a crucial 2023 season: LB Patrick Queen

This one is pretty obvious, isn't it? After the Ravens declined to pick up Patrick Queen's fifth-year option, the writing was just about on the wall. But, when Baltimore drafted Clemson linebacker Trenton Simpson in the 2023 NFL Draft, that's when things became a whole lot clearer.

Baltimore is not going to pay Queen on a long-term deal. This season is a big one for him. If he stays in Baltimore, then it's a true audition for a hefty contract as a free agent next year. Although, there is still potential for Baltimore to trade Queen to a team like, say, the Minnesota Vikings or Houston Texans. In fact, there are probably several teams who would love an opportunity to have a guy like Queen.

The former first-round pick out of LSU has 321 total tackles, 10.0 sacks, 28 tackles for loss, and a few interceptions, forced fumbles and passes defensed here and there in three years with the Ravens. He will turn just 24 years old by the time this coming season kicks off, and if he finishes with another stellar year, Queen is going to make another team very happy next year.

He's also going to make himself very rich. But, this year is a year where he'll impact his own financial future in a big way. He could become far more wealthy than he might think. All he has to do is stay locked in, understand he's still a Raven for now, and play good football.