4 positives, 4 negatives from Ravens Week 1 win over Houston Texans

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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J.K. Dobbins, Mark Andrews
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Negative: Mark Andrews didn't play... and he was joined by four more injured starters

A couple of hours before kick-off we heard about the final injury report, and it was later confirmed when the Ravens took to the field of M&T Bank Stadium and Mark Andrews was simply standing on the sidelines watching the rest of his buddies warm up while in street clothes.

That was already bad, and Lamar Jackson not having his safety blanked for the first game of the season surely hurt the offense. The most painful damage, though, would come during and after the actual game, though, and as impossible as that sounds considering Andrews' value to the Ravens.

Just for a healthy breakfast full of bad news, here's your list of banged-up Ravens after this ugly Week 1 game:

  • Running back J.K. Dobbins tore his Achilles and is done for the season.
  • Safety Marcus Williams (feared torn pectoral muscle) might miss multiple weeks/months.
  • Offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley got caught by an opponent's body and hurt his knee.
  • Starting (and only in the roster) center Tyler Linderbaum got rolled up on and suffered an ankle injury.

And that's only the "official" tally, as many others had to leave the field briefly suffering different scares throughout the game. To name a few: Kyle Hamilton and Ar'Darius Washington, both members of an already-ravaged Ravens secondary.

You can't do anything about this type of thing, so at least this is only a negative point in nature but not a thing the Ravens did on purpose or could control in any possible way.

That said, the health bill is far from being clean, and if any of the above-mentioned players are forced to miss ample time, then Baltimore's run toward winning the third Super Bowl in franchise history might be over with the season barely started.