6 awesome stats & facts Ravens fans will love to know ahead of Week 6 vs. Titans

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans
Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The Ravens traveled to London on Thursday back in 2017. In 2023 they did so on Monday

In trying to move away from the conventional NFL franchises' practice of traveling late, the Ravens have opted to spend the entire week in London ahead of the game—a strategy no other team has employed before to the extent the Ravens have as they arrived in the UK on Monday.

This contrasts with their 2017 London game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, which resulted in a significant 44-7 loss, marking the second-largest defeat the Ravens have faced in international games.

The Ravens' altered plan involved flying to London on Monday, giving them a full week to acclimate to the new environment and time zone. The Ravens have seemingly taken advantage of the situation to forge a strong bond, including holding a 45-minute meeting on Wednesday.