6 troubling (and encouraging) questions about Ravens injuries the team MUST answer

Is Marlon Humphrey finally in? Will Odell Beckham return to be a WR1? Who will be named RB3 for the remainder of the season? Questions, questions!

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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1. Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey practices for the first time since August. In for Week 5?

Humphrey's overly anticipated return is coming, folks.

After weeks of speculation in which the very own Humphrey teased his return in the most interesting of ways, it looks like the superstar cornerback and leader of the Ravens secondary will be on the field on Sunday against Pittsburgh.

Humphrey practiced for the first time since Aug. 15 on Wednesday, putting an end to a tortuous rehab period following foot surgery midway through training camp.

The Ravens decided to not place the defender on IR expecting a quicker comeback (we assume) or at least feeling there was a chance Humphrey could be there at some point before Week 5. Wasn't the case.

Humphrey missed the first four games of the season but the backups in the secondary couldn't have played better and they were more than good through Week 4 to keep the Ravens above water and currently boasting a solid 3-1 record that could easily read 4-0 had it not been for a fluky Week 3 performance against the Colts.

It's still unknown how viable will it be for Humphrey to play and long ample reps next Sunday, though, considering he's missed nearly two months of practices and he might need some ramping up before hitting the field running.

Something similar happened with safety Marcus Williams last weekend. He had seemingly recovered from his "torn pec" and wasn't ruled out for the Week 4 matchup against the Browns, but he was finally scratched after a game-time decision made by Baltimore.

We can only hope both of them return to the field as soon as this week, but we'll have to wait and see.