3 advanced Lamar Jackson stats to know after Baltimore Ravens week one win

Lamar Jackson did not look great under pressure in the win over the Texans
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Lamar Jackson is now one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL. He also is now in a new scheme with Todd Monken as the Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator. So, there are plenty of new things for Jackson coming into this season. While one week is way too small of a sample size, it will be interesting to watch Jackson this season and see if there are any noteworthy trends to take in and follow during the next couple of weeks.

3. Lamar Jackson had too many turnover worthy plays for the Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson is usually pretty sound when taking care of the football. He only had more than nine interceptions once in his career, and his 2.3% career interception rate, along with a 3.2% turnover-worthy play rate, speak to his ability.

However, in this game, he threw one interception, a 4.5% rate, and he also had three turnover-worthy plays. This was an 8.8% rate, which is pretty alarming. His career high coming into this year was a 3.7% turnover-worthy play rate, so this is either a one-week sample issue or this is going to stem a major problem that is lurking.

When his turnover-worthy play rate was at its highest, he also had a 5.4% big-time throw rate, per PFF. That was his career high and better than the 4.9% rate he holds for his career. On Sunday, his big-time throw rate was 3.8%, below average.

Jackson struggled to pass the ball under pressure. This could be because he was not used to his skill players and was doing too much under pressure. Still, he is usually more calm and collected under pressure. For example, he had two interceptions under pressure last year on 88 attempts; this year he has one in his first seven passes. Will this be a reoccurring issue for Lamar Jackson?