4 areas the Baltimore Ravens need to clean up to be Super Bowl contenders

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The Baltimore Ravens avoided a soft spot in the schedule and handled the Arizona Cardinals soundly, moving to 6-2. They have handled a lot of their tests this year and are moving into the meat of their schedule with great playoff odds. Still, there are some things we need to see improve in the coming weeks that popped up in the win over the Cardinals.

4. The Baltimore Ravens cannot get out of their own way at times

The Baltimore Ravens have had many chances to turn games into the outcome of the Detroit Lions' win, but only that game and the Cleveland Browns' win against Dorian Thompson-Robinson could be classified as rocking chair winners. This game was the next closest thing, but the Ravens still got into a weird funk in the first half.

The team went right down the field and scored quickly, which they often do. Then, the second drive led to a funk. Against the Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, the Ravens had a fumble change the momentum, and they could not get back on track. In this game, it was a missed field goal. The Ravens moved the ball for two straight possessions, then had a pair of three-and-outs. The Ravens needed a turnover to get back on track. This is similar to the Titans game when a turnover before the half led to points and got them back into their groove.

The Ravens cannot rely on other teams to put them in a good field position to get out of a funk. They have to find ways to move the ball and not get tense after those drive-altering plays.