Baltimore Ravens 2023 Roster Ranking: No. 66 Nick Moore

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The countdown until the season is going down, and we are getting closer to 53 in our Baltimore Ravens roster countdown. This list is looking into which players have the best chance to make the roster and which players have the biggest impact when the 2023 season rolls around.

Today, we are onto number 66, Nick Moore.

Baltimore Ravens 2023 Roster Ranking: No. 66 Nick Moore

Nick Moore has been with the Baltimore Ravens for three years. He is expected to be the starting long snapper in 2023. They brought him in 2020 and kept him on their practice squad. Their current long snapper caught COVID in 2020, and Moore had to step in.

In 2021, Moore competed with the incumbent, Morgan Cox, and he beat him out in training camp. Since then, he has not looked back. He started his career in 2019 but has bounced around. Now, he has a home.

The Baltimore Ravens have no competition known, and the team even extended Moore, so he will be the starting long snapper this year. With that in mind, the ranking of number 66 does feel a bit light. He probably should be higher, but it is hard to rank a player whose value is minimal if he does his job well. The only time we will ever notice Nick Moore is if he messes up; in that case, the team will be removing him from the top 53.

The reality is that this is a pretty good breaking point between the players who do not have a good shot at making the roster and the players that you could see sneaking onto the back end of the 53-man roster. There are probably 11 or 12 players who will get cut that will enter training camp with a real shot at making the roster.

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We will discuss those players when we get to numbers 65 through 54 on this roster ranking list. Nick Moore should be higher and will be when the season starts, but 66 is a good spot for now.