6 Baltimore Ravens benefiting the most from the bye week 

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The Baltimore Ravens got the benefit of not only having a bye week, but wrapping up that bye week a week before the regular season ended. It gave the team a chance to rest a few starters but also be strategic with who they rested, knowing that a bye week was still coming. 

Which players on the Ravens are getting the biggest benefit from two weeks without meaningful football?

3. The Baltimore Ravens two key secondary pieces can get healthy 

The Baltimore Ravens' defense is elite, mainly because of two key ignitors in the secondary. Marlon Humphrey has been up and down at times this year, but when they have needed him to step up in recent weeks, he started to look like his old self. Kyle Hamilton has ascended into a star in his second NFL season, and he is one of the best defenders in the NFL. 

Still, Humphrey suffered a calf injury, and Hamilton had a knee injury that caused them to miss the Miami Dolphins game. Both of them were still dealing with the issue, and considering the Steelers game was not significant, it was easy to sit both. Now, they get their third week off with the bye week. This is substantial this late in the year. 

The vibe around Hamilton is that he could have gone in week 18 if the Ravens were in must-win territory. The extra week should ensure he is completely healthy. Humphrey has been banged up through the year, so every day will get him a step closer to his old self. 

The Ravens will get to move into the playoffs with their two secondary members rested and having three full weeks to recover. You cannot beat that.