3 Baltimore Ravens who were at their best in week 7 win against Detroit Lions

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The Baltimore Ravens won a key matchup against the Detroit Lions in a game that solidified how much of a contender they are. The team needed to get strong performances out of some of their top players to pull this win off, and they did just that. Which players on the Ravens had big games on Sunday to beat the Lions?

3. Mark Andrews was at his best for the Baltimore Ravens

If the Baltimore Ravens wanted to win this game, they needed to get Mark Andrews looking his best. Andrews is a big-time player, but in too many huge games, we remember him coming up short. Sunday was big because the Lions have a weakness against tight ends. The Baltimore Ravens were just the team to expose this.

The Ravens played Isaiah Likely more than ever and even activated Charlie Kolar for the game to make sure that Detroit would play their heavy personnel. This is when it is easier to pass on the Lions. This worked magnificently. Andrews ended up with 63 yards and two touchdowns. Considering Detroit did not even make the game close, the stat line could have been so much more, as well.

Andrews averaged 2.33 yards per route run in this game. For comparison, his career rate is 2.1, and this was the second-highest yard per route run he posted this season. The other was the Cleveland Browns game, and that was another two-touchdown performance.

Andrews has five touchdowns, but four of them have come in two games. We would like more consistency here, but if Andrews can have monster performances that put teams away here and there that is quite alright as well.