Ranking 14 Baltimore Ravens bubble players fighting for 5 final roster spots

The Baltimore Ravens only have a few spots on the 53-man roster that are not locked down. Who are the best options to fill those spots?

Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports
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The Baltimore Ravens' 53-man roster will always have a few surprises like it does every year. However, we identified the potential for 48 players to be locked on the roster, so there may only be five spots where something interesting may happen. Of the players on the Ravens roster, these 11 have the best shot at filling the final five spots.

11. Do the Baltimore Ravens trust Kyu Blu Kelly?

Considering the Baltimore Ravens drafted Kyu Blu Kelly in the fifth round, you would assume the team has some interest in keeping him on the 53-man roster. However, if you made a depth chart today, it would be easy to have him so far down that he would be off.

The Ravens had a great chance to get Kelly serious game repetitions in the Ravens preseason opener and his NFL debut. However, they elected to move Brandon Stephens from safety to cornerback and then start journeyman veteran Kevon Seymour over him.

By the end of the game, Seymour played 63 snaps, and Kelly played 17. They had so many chances to get a look at their rookie draft pick but elected to role with the veteran. So, do they want Kelly on their roster, or do they think he can get to the practice squad? Did they already think that they messed things up with this draft pick? It is hard to say he should make the roster.