Should Baltimore Ravens have signed D.J. Chark?

David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports

When the Baltimore Ravens signed Nelson Agholor, it was met with criticsm. That is not surprising, but the reality is that fans should have expected someone like this. The team is pushed up against the salary cap and was not going to splurge. Beyond that, this is not the greatest group of wideouts to choose from.

Baltimore Ravens needed D.J. Chark in NFL free agency

However, if there was one name to choose as the head of the class, it may have been D.J. Chark. He is still young, he is three years younger than Agholor. He also has a track record of making plays when he is healthy, but that has not happened as often in recent years.

Still, he is younger with more upside and better hands than Nelson Agholor. Agholor signed a one-year deal worth $3.25M. Chark got more than that, he signed for $5M, but the $1.75M is not significant. Sure, the Ravens are up against the cap, but they could have figured that one out. With the maneuvering of the contract the cap hit for Agholor will only be $1.5 this year, and for Chark it will be $1.8. This is an even smaller difference, showing the Ravens could have just structured the Chark deal to get a similar hit this year.

It is disappointing to see that they did not look for a better bet for the small upgrade in price. Are the Ravens concerned about the injury? Or, are the negotiations with Lamar Jackson turning off prospective free agents? Some players also spoke out against the team in the recent NFLPA survey.

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Is this going to become an issue for the Baltimore Ravens? It is not like Chark chose the most stable franchise considering the Panthers are picking in the top ten for a third straight season. We will have to follow D.J. Chark this offseason and see if he should have been the player the Ravens went for and not Nelson Agholor.