3 things to know about Baltimore Ravens signing Nelson Agholor

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We knew the Baltimore Ravens would be quiet this offseason and with the wide receiver market being weak to begin with it was tough to see the quick fix for the team at that position. This is why signing someone like Nelson Agholor makes plenty of sense.

It is not the fix of all fixes, and they could still draft the position, but it puts them in a better spot and did not cost them much. Agholor was a former first-round pick and won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles. What else should fans know about wide receiver Nelson Agholor?

3. Baltimore Ravens can move Nelson Agholor in and out of the slot

When Nelson Agholor was drafted there was a question about whether he would be an outside wide receiver, or if he was going to be better in the slot. Throughout his career, he has moved in and out of both. In 2017 he spent 86% of his snaps in the slot, 55% in 2018, and 65% in 2019.

However, since then he has moved outside a bit more. In 2020 he played outside 33%, then in 2021, it was down to 9.7%. He was back up to 30% in the slot last season, but that is a big change. He produced in 2017 in the slot, but his second-best season was 2020 on the outside.

The Ravens can move him inside and outside. We will see where Devin Duvernay ends up on the depth chart, but for now, that should push him back to the slot. He played 60% of his snaps in the slot in 2021, but because of all of the outside injuries, Duvernay was in the slot just 33% of the time last season.

It will be interesting to see which player plays in the slot more, or if they add a wide receiver who can play outside, meaning both of them will compete for slot snaps.