Did Baltimore Ravens disrespect Chuck Clark?

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When the Baltimore Ravens traded Chuck Clark, it was not surprising. According to Chuck Clark himself, the only thing that actually surprised him is that it did not happen sooner. When Clark was asked about the trade he said he thought there was a chance it would have happened in 2022.

Chuck Clark insuiated that the main reason for his frustration comes down to the way that he was treated. He says the timing of his trade request came after the team drafted Kyle Hamilton in the first round. From there, the Ravens did not oblige to his trade request, and he felt disrespected through the season from the front office, and management.

Did Baltimore Ravens disrespect Chuck Clark?

This is fair for Chuck Clark. He saw the Ravens spend a big draft pick on someone that everyone knew would take his job. He probably heard it after every practice, and he knew there was only a mattter of time until he was gone. That is frustrating.

Beyond that, he went onto praise Kyle Hamilton, and the vibe does appear that he feels that Hamilton and himself would have had better years in bigger roles if he was traded last year, and Hamilton took his spot. By making Hamilton a part time player, and eventually a slot player, they were not getting the most out of him.

However, the Baltimore Ravens obviously disagree. First, they only drafted Hamilton because he fell in the draft. He was supposed to go top 10, and the Ravens took the best player they had graded. It was not a trade up, or a reach to replace Chuck Clark.

They saw Hamilton as a rookie, and loved the idea of not being forced to throw him out there because of Clark. Beyond that, they ended up really needing help in the slot, and Hamilton did a bang-up job there. There is talk that between Brandon Stephens and Geno Stone, they will fill in for Clark at times, and Hamilton will still take that role.

If Chuck Clark was traded that would have never come to fruition. As for being disrespected, we will never know what was said, but the Ravens likely did not get an offer that they felt was worth rushing it with Hamilton over. Besides that, they appear to have had that plan in mind the entire time.

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So, now Hamilton is a full-time player, and while Clark had to deal with knowing his fate for a full season, he was eventually traded too. It all ended up being fine on both ends, and while Clark sounds disappointed now, he probably understands the business and will put it behind him.