Baltimore Ravens need to dominate Cincinnati Bengals offensive line

The Baltimore Ravens must attack the Bengals offensive line
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The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans, but it was not without the loss of multiple starters for multiple weeks. This comes at an awful time because the Ravens now get to face a divisional rival the Cincinnati Bengals on the road.

To help preview the game, we spoke with Leigh Oleszczak of StripeHype, FanSided's site dedicated to the Cincinnati Bengals. Leigh Oleszczak thinks the Ravens' best chance to hang around is to beat up the Bengals' offensive line.

1.Did the loss to the Browns change any expectations this year?

Leigh: Not really. The Bengals started last season 0-2 and ended up in the AFC title game, so they're no strangers to slow starts. 

2. What happened with Joe Burrow last week, does he look healthy?

Leigh: Burrow suffered a calf injury on just the second day of training camp, so he didn't play at all during the preseason. There's naturally going to be rust there, and that, paired with the rainy weather in Cleveland, led to his lackluster performance in Week 1. He said after the game that his calf wasn't the issue. 

3. Who is the biggest X-factor on the Bengals this week?

Leigh: The offensive line (yes, all of them). Burrow might have only been sacked twice last week, but he was hit 10 times and now that he's the most expensive player in the league, it's time to adequately protect him. 

4. Aside from Lamar Jackson, who is a player or players that Bengals fans are nervous about?

Leigh: Justin Madubuike could have a big game for the Ravens on Sunday, and he had one sack on the Texans last week. The offensive line comes prepared. Otherwise, it'll be a long day for Burrow. 

5. The Bengals will win this game if—

Leigh: Joe Burrow is kept upright and has the time to complete key throws. 

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6. Score prediction

Leigh: The Bengals will get back on track this week because now the rust should be shaken off. Plus, the Ravens are injured, and Burrow should have more room to attack in the secondary. Bengals 30, Ravens 21 

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