Baltimore Ravens: Each AFC North foe's most overrated player

Baltimore Ravens, Joe Mixon
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Baltimore Ravens fans can agree Browns QB Deshaun Watson is overrated

Through the first 12 weeks of last season, the Browns ranked fourth in the league in offensive DVOA under Jacoby Brissett manning the offense. After Deshaun Watson came back, Cleveland fell to 15th. It's no wonder why NFL Media's Marc Sessler ranked Watson 28th in his QB index following the regular season, and even that might have been generous.

Did Watson have a phenomenal three seasons before he ended up in legal trouble? He sure did. But, only the Cleveland Browns were naive enough to believe that wouldn't affect his game on the field; enough to the tune of a 5-year, $230 million contract that was fully guaranteed after Watson not only went through a serious legal situation, but didn't even play for a full year.

Cleveland was even willing to hand him that bag of money without the legal situation getting wrapped up, which everyone not named Andrew Berry thought was a silly move.

Watson before the scandal was a top-five quarterback. But now? He'll never be the same guy, and last season proved it. He'll never be able to escape the pressure and outside noise from the situation he was in, thus he'll never be that top-five passer again. Still, he got top-five passer type money.

You know who else got top money, and will also prove to be a better quarterback than Watson in 2023? Lamar Jackson.