3 Baltimore Ravens who earned starting jobs this preseason

The slot, left guard, and nose tackles jobs were won in the preseason

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John SImpson, Baltimore Ravens
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2. John Simpson won the starting left job for the Baltimore Ravens

The starting left guard job really came into focus over the last couple of weeks. Heading into OTAs, many thought that Ben Cleveland was in line to be that guy. However, heading into training camp, it became clear that it was down to John Simpson or Sala Aumavae-Laulu.

Aumavae-Laulu led things off by getting the first repetitions. However, after about a week, the Ravens moved to John Simpson. John Harbaugh said that the switch was planned, as they would both get a shot with the first team. Apparently, Simpson did well because he was not given any chances back to Sala.

Simpson started both preseason games and has taken almost all of the first-team repetitions in practice in-between. It has also been glaringly obvious who is better when you watch the games. Simpson holds his own against the top guys on the field. Then, Aumavae-Laulu gets in against lesser competition, and he looks much worse than Simpson.

It started as a battle, but once the two got onto the field, it was clear that one was on a different level. Now, we will see if Simpson can do anything in the next week or so to potentially lose the job after doing nothing but positive things to win the job all month.