Lamar Jackson almost broke the internet with insane throw and catch in AFC Championship Game

The Ravens quarterback once again proved he's must-see TV.
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Sunday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs took the field in the 2024 AFC Championship Game.

It was a matchup between two deserving teams that boast two talented, impressive quarterbacks, each in their own way. On one side, you have a magician who can create something out of nothing with his arm on any given play. On the other, you've got a guy who is not only a prolific passer but can use his legs better than just about anyone who's ever played the position.

Patrick Mahomes has already won the Super Bowl and league MVP, but Lamar Jackson is determined to earn the former hardware to go with his MVP as well. The Ravens quarterback is coming off a phenomenal season which saw his team finish with the no. 1 overall seed in the conference and number 8 en route to his second MVP award.

In the second quarter of the game, Jackson put his unbelievable playmaking ability on display. It was a 2nd-and-5 from his own 18-yard line. The stakes weren't too high just yet and it was only a one-score game. But, the result of the following play will go down as one of the most ridiculous, improbably, hilarious and downright fantastic plays you'll ever see in the NFL.

Lamar Jackson completed a pass to himself in the AFC Championship Game as only he could do.

And, my oh my, the fan and media reactions were absolutely gold.

We've got hilarious memes and gifs galore (go ahead and do a search for yourself ... there's plenty more), fans in total amazement, a Simpsons reference, the Ben Affleck classic, a Buffalo Bills fan admitting Jackson is the league MVP, and many others. The possibilities were endless when it came to instant reactions.

Also, I'm not so sure I would go as far to say that Jackson's throw and catch was the greatest play in the history of football, but it was absolutely spectacular.

Unfortunately, the Ravens ended up with zero points on that drive, but Jackson gave us one of the most memorable plays in NFL Playoff history.

Baltimore's quarterback is also probably just a few days away from being named the NFL's Most Valuable Player, and why shouldn't he be? The man is proving he can, indeed, do it all.