5 Baltimore Ravens who may have locked down a roster spot in preseason week one

The Baltimore Ravens saw some of their depth players make a strong case to make the roster
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Ar'Darius Washington, Baltimore Ravens
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3. Ar'Darius Washington may have won a starting job for the Baltimore Ravens

Ar'Darius Washington could get cut in a few weeks. He also could start week one; there is a wide variety of outcomes for his play. So far, he is leaning towards not only sticking around but starting,

The Baltimore Ravens need his play in the slot, and they really do not have another option as they stand right now. Kyle Hamilton roamed the slot last year, but he is going to start at strong safety this year. This is going to leave a hole in the slot.

First, the thought was that Pepe Williams would slide into the role. He played there last year, mainly before he was injured, and Hamilton took over. Another injury before the first preseason game may have him out for a while now. Next, they signed Arthur Maulet, who started for the Pittsburgh Steelers last season.

Maulet has been making strides, but he got banged up before the first preseason game as well. That led to the Ravens starting Ar'Darius Washington. Washington played all but three snaps in a chance that he got to prove himself. He played both slot and safety, showing his value.

Of course, he also got work on special teams, which is most important. Still, if Maulet and Willams cannot get healthy, it does not matter, and Washington will start by default. Will that be the case, or will Washington get enough chances to earn the roster spot rather than have it handed to him?