5 Baltimore Ravens with most to lose in 2023 NFL draft

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This will be a very interesting 2023 NFL draft from the Baltimore Ravens' perspective. It will not be typical Ravens due to the Lamar Jackson situation looming, but more than that the team has holes that they usually do not and a lack of draft picks that is extremely rare for this franchise

So, they will have to choose wisely about what positions they want to add, and what they can wait until later for. Some players will be feeling good, as they see the Ravens cannot fill all of their holes. Other players will see their direct competition drafted high.

Who are five players who may win or lose a job status due to the 2023 NFL Draft?

5. Will Baltimore Ravens draft to replace Nelson Agholor?

Nelson Agholor will be watching the NFL draft closely, particularly the first round. When Agholor signed with the Baltimore Ravens he was the best of what they had. Then, they signed Odell Beckham. So, for now, the three wide group is Agholor, Rashod Bateman, and Beckham.

If the Baltimore Ravens draft a wide receiver in the first round, who is the one getting the boot to number four? We all know that answer. Even if they draft a receiver in round three it may not happen week one, but all indications will be the Baltimore Ravens pushing for the rookie to get worked in over Agholor.

To be fair, it will be a rookie, and the injury history of Beckham and Bateman suggests he will see the field. Still, he thought he was going to be a number two, and he may end up the number four. If the Ravens go into day three without a wide receiver, it shows a lot of faith in Agholor. We will find out how they feel based on if the pick is Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.