3 Baltimore Ravens who may have lost a 53-man roster spot in preseason finale

A rookie draft pick, a rookie UDFA, and a known veteran saw their roster chances slip away
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As the Baltimore Ravens preseason wrapped up, it was the last chance for the borderline roster players to make a name for themselves and stick on the roster. However, while some players win jobs in the preseason, others can lose them. Who are players on the Ravens roster that may struggle to make the roster?

3. The Baltimore Ravens have to release Kyu Blu Kelly

The Baltimore Ravens fifth-round rookie is not a lock to make the roster. In fact, it is easier to argue for him to get cut than it is for him to make the roster. Kyu Blu Kelly has struggled immensely in the preseason. He had been buried down the depth chart, but both Brandon Stephens and Kevon Seymour were given the night off so that Kelly could start across from Jalyn Armour-Davis.

Armour-Davis was the better of the two and is more likely to make the roster. He needs to join the list because a lot of players are in that spot compared to Kyu Blu Kelly. Kelly was buried for good reason; he has struggled every time he stepped on the field.

The Ravens subbed out Kelly in the second quarter after he had a rough series. They let Tae Hayes finish out the half. Then, after Armour-Davis showed well and was done for the day, the team let Kelly get back in the game. Nothing about the way that they treat Kelly says that he should make the roster.

Nothing about his tape says that he is going to get claimed by anyone before settling back on the Ravens practice squad. He is a fifth-round pick, so it is not the end of the world for a miss, but it is getting harder to see the young rookie make the team.