Ranking 9 Baltimore Ravens firmly on the roster bubble before preseason week 3

The Ravens roster is almost set, but there are a few spots for players to sneak in still. Who has a chance to make the team?
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As we get closer to the time when the Baltimore Ravens have to make their roster cut downs, and they take us from 90 to 53 players there are questions about who the final players on the roster will be.

We identified some of the potential locks for the roster and found a total of 50 players who may have secured a job. So, there are only about three spots where the Ravens can do some maneuvering. Who are the candidates for those last spots that we did not mention as locks?

9. Is Kyu Blu Kelly on the Baltimore Ravens roster edge?

The Baltimore Ravens are going to have to make a tough decision when it comes to their fifth-round rookie from Stanford. Given Kyu Blu Kelly is a draft pick and is just getting his feet wet; you know that the Ravens do not want to give up on his ability just yet. At the same time, he has shown us that he is not ready to play in the NFL over the past two weeks.

It starts with how low he is on the depth chart. He has not been able to beat out Kevon Seymour all training camp, and we see why during the preseason games. Seymour is much better, and if the Ravens needed one of these guys to get on the field, they would have to go with Seymour.

So, when you look at the Ravens roster, we already listed out five locks. Seymour and Jalyn Armour-Davis have not even been mentioned as locks, but they are liklier to get on a field than Kelly. The Ravens have to either decide to place Kelly on the IR or hope he clears waivers to the practice squad. They cannot spend a roster spot on someone who cannot contribute when their room is thin already.