3 Baltimore Ravens who may have lost a 53-man roster spot in preseason finale

A rookie draft pick, a rookie UDFA, and a known veteran saw their roster chances slip away
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1. Travis Vokolek is a prime practice squad candidate

After a two-touchdown performance, there were some discussions about Travis Vokolek making the 53-man roster. However, the rookie UDFA from Nebraska is a UDFA for a reason, and his best case is spending his rookie year on the practice squad and coming back for year two with a chance to make the team.

Vokolek made noise mainly when he caught two touchdowns. However, he followed that up with one catch for five yards. If anything, that lack of explosion of highlight-worthy plays will calm down the noise around him and make it a lock to stick him on the practice squad.

Still, he was already a lock for the practice squad. He caught two touchdowns, which the fans will like, but he is not a strong blocker, and he does not help on special teams. The Ravens will value someone like Patrick Ricard as a tight end over Vokoleek because Kolar, Mark Andrews, and Isaiah Likely are all better pass catchers than blockers. They need someone to block, and Vokolek is not that either.

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A rookie UDFA who struggles to block and does not play special teams is not going to get claimed by any other team and also will not make the Baltimore Ravens, either. He showed enough upside to get fans excited and make the practice squad, though.

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