Identifying practice squad options on the Baltimore Ravens roster

The Baltimore Ravens can keep 16 practice squad players. Who are the best candidates at each position?
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As we are just a few days away from the Baltimore Ravens limiting their roster to 53, we have to remember that there are really going to be about 69 players who make it when you factor in the 16 practice squad spots. With looser rules and more elevation ability, the practice squad has become a spot for more opportunities than in the past, and the Ravens are always a team to take advantage of.

Who are the most likely practice squad options at each position?

Identifying practice squad options on the Baltimore Ravens roster

Quarterback - Anthony Brown

If the Ravens move on from Tyler Huntley, a team will sign him to their roster in most cases. Josh Johnson is a veteran who could come back to the practice squad, but this spot seems reserved for Brown.

Running Back - Melvin Gordon, Keaton Mitchell

The top three backs are locks for the roster, and while Owen Wright could sneak on if Mitchell makes it, Mitchell making it means the need for a PS running back lessens.

Wide Receiver - Tarik Black, Dontay Demus

If Laquon Treadwell does not make the team he may find work somewhere else. These names are younger with more potential, so they are worth keeping. The same can be said of James Proche, who is ready for a change of scenery. Shemar Bridges seems to be outside the bubble, while Sean Ryan was hurt and that may impact his chances of staying.

Tight End - Travis Vokolek

The two touchdowns in the preseason should make him a lock to circle back to the practice squad.

Offenisve Line - David Sharpe, Sam Mustipher, Tashawn Manning

If Ben Cleveland or Daniel Faalele do not make the roster, they will get claimed by other teams. Tykeem Doss and Jaylon Thomas are rookie UDFAs, but the team trusts Sharpe and Mustipher as veterans who may be called up on multiple occasions. Manning has been the best UDFA, anyway.

Defensive line - Kai Caesar, Rayshad Nichols

Caesar has a defined role as a potential nose tackle. Nichols has performed better than Trey Botts so far as more of the 3-technique role, so he gets the nod over Botts.

Edge Rusher - Malik Hamm, Jeremiah Moon

One of these two could make the roster, especially with Tyus Bowser likely to stick on the PUP. If one of them makes it, it opens the door for Kelle Sanders to stay here.

Linebacker - Josh Ross, Kristian Welch

Ross likely feels comfortable here with the coaching staff and would like to stay. Meanwhile, Welch may be the one looking for a new roster to find work.

Cornerback - Kyu Blu Kelly, Kevon Seymour

The roster numbers make it hard for the Ravens to keep both. Kelly has played poorly enough that no one will claim him, while Seymour is a veteran who does not need to clear waivers. He can immediately sign back with the team.

Safety - none

DeAndre Houston-Carson will either make the team or walk. If he makes it as a fifth safety, the practice squad depth is not needed. Jeremy Lucien has not done enough to earn a spot anyway. Perhaps if some other spots open up on this list.

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Total list

1. Anthony Brown
2. Melvin Gordon
3. Keaton Mitchell
4. Tarik Black
5. Dontay Demos
6. Travis Vokolek
7. David Sharpe
8. Sam Mustipher
9. Tashawn Manning
10. Kai Caesar
11. Rayshad Nichols
12. Malik Hamm
13. Jeremiah Moon
14. Josh Ross
15. Kristian Welch
16. Kyu Blu Kelly
17. Kevon Seymour

We listed 17 guys, and only 16 can make it. Who from this list will not make it, or make the 53-man roster, and did anyone else get left off that will make it?

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