Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 85 Edge Malik Hamm


The slow summer is underway as our countdown of the Baltimore Ravens continues as well. We are ranking the 90-man roster from 90 down to number one to see which players are most valuable to the Ravens roster.

This list will look at the 2023 season only and view their value through that lens. We keep making our way down the list with number 85, Malik Hamm, an edge rusher.

Baltimore Ravens roster ranking: No. 85 Edge Malik Hamm

Malik Hamm is a UDFA rookie from Lafayette and will make his first appearance in a training camp. He was a two-year starter with the Leopards after being a fifth-year senior. He took off in 2020 as a reserve, then became a full-time player during his last two seasons.

Some of the issues with Hamm come down to his size and athletic ability. He is an average athlete, but he checked in under 6'3", and under 250 pounds. That is going to get you pushed off of the football in no time in the NFL.

It is clear that the Baltimore Ravens drafted him with the intention of him taking on a SAM role similar to Tyus Bowser. However, Hamm has limited experience off of the football and dropping into coverage. He often played from the standing formation, so that transition will be more natural, but it is going to take time for him to learn.

Malik Hamm may be lower on the list than guys who do not make the practice squad, but he seems like a great fit to spend a year with the PS. He can learn how to play the position off of the ball more and can get used to playing in space.

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The Baltimore Ravens are not expecting him to make a serious impact in year one, but they may hope to see him in the long-term plans. If we were thinking future, he might be higher. But at this point, he is near the bottom of our list, as the chances of him making the roster are low.