4 Baltimore Ravens who may play less in the AFC Championship 

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3. Will the Baltimore Ravens continue to reduce Geno Stone's snaps?

Geno Stone has played 82% of the defensive snaps this season. He is another player who had to fill in for injury in week one and did not look back. Stone also recorded an impressive seven interceptions this season. That is why it is somewhat surprising to see him play just 49% of the defensive snaps in the AFC Divisional Round win over the Houston Texans. 

It is surprising from the baseline, but under the surface, many fans knew that Stone had been struggling. He was great as a free safety filling in for Marcus Williams but is much worse in the box as the strong safety. 

His missed tackles and blow assignments are up, and his plays on the ball are down. Overall, he needs to play better. So, the Ravens have decided to take him off of the field.

As we noted, with Ronald Darby and Arthur Maulet playing so well, the Ravens are better at cornerback right now. It has allowed them to move Hamilton back from the slot into the strong safety role. So, the need for Stone in that role is gone. 

The Ravens get slightly worse in the slot but upgrade in a big way at strong safety. If Maulet continues to prove more valuable in the slot than Stone in the box, this will continue. With Humphrey possibly getting work in the box, it is easier to assume that Stone will continue to play in a rotational role based on personnel, down, and distance.