Baltimore Ravens Mock Draft 3.0: A bold pick in the first round

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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After the first two mock drafts of the season, we are onto our third and final mock draft before the Baltimore Ravens make their selection with the 22nd overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Of course, they could also trade down, but for now, we are going to play out this draft as if they make their selections.

We used ESPN to find a pool of players, and we are viewing this through what we think could happen, not what we want to happen. So, how does this mock draft break for the Baltimore Ravens?

Round 1, pick 22: Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State

This may be a surprising pick, but it is also a very possible pick. When we broke down the most likely locks for the top 21 picks, we had four cornerbacks off of the board by now, and they were gone in this mock draft as well. So, there is a real argument that Forbes is the next-best player here.

Forbes arguably has good, or better tape than a lot of prospects, but he showed up to the NFL combine and was over 6', but under 170 pounds. You just do not see guys that tall and skinny in the NFL, so there is a question of what exactly he can be in the NFL. The crazy part is that this was never an issue when he played, and he never backed down from a battle in strength.

The Baltimore Ravens have to like his toughness, and they have to think he could be their highest-graded player on the board. He would be a first-round pick if not for the weight, and in a draft without many slam dunk first-rounders, the Baltimore Ravens boost their secondary with Emmanuel Forbes from Mississippi State.