3 surprise options for Baltimore Ravens in round 1

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For the most part, you know the usual suspects that end up being mocked to the Baltimore Ravens. While the Ravens could easily take one of the players that most people assume they will, and their needs are pretty defined, there are still some names that you do not see as often.

Who would be a bit of a difference from the usual suspects in round one?

3. Could Baltimore Ravens draft Emmanuel Forbes round one?

You see the Baltimore Ravens get mocked a cornerback a decent amount. However, the usual suspects are Joey Porter Jr. and Deonte Banks. Every once and a while you will hear about Kelee Ringo and Cam Smith. Then, there is Emmanuel Forbes. Yes, you hear about it here and there, but most Ravens fans would be surprised by Emmanuel Forbes being the pick.

What is interesting is that almost no one mentions his tape when saying he is not a logical option. On video, he was solid against SEC competition and has the best ball production in the draft class. However, it is obvious that one thing holding him back from being a lock to be the 22nd pick would be his weight.

Forbes came in at 166 pounds at the NFL Combine. He ran in the 4.3 range, but he had to when you consider that size. When you compare it to Deonte Banks, who ran 4.3 but was over 200 pounds, it does feel different. Beyond that, Forbes is tall, so it is not that is just short and cannot put on the weight.

However, most scouts and sources believe that this is not because Forbes avoids the weight room, but rather that his body type does not put on weight. There is a real question about Forbes being in play because while his weight is a real issue, it almost never shows up on tape. He plays physically for his position and does not back down from hard hits. Forbes checks a lot of boxes, and if the Ravens can get over his one question he will be in play.